Our instructors/practitioners/providers are steeped in knowledge about the body, mind, and spirit. They are also entrepreneurs bringing new ideas, new products, and new services to Pittsburgh. Illume creates bridges between communities near and around the world.



Brooke Smokelin (E-RYT, IKYTA certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, + Yoga Therapist), is a Sound Healer and Musician. For over 20 years she has studied with teachers in the Kundalini, Sivananda, Ashtanga, and Kriya Yoga traditions, as well as the American Sanskrit Institute. Through her various studies and an ever-blooming inspiration and fascination with the yogic chakra system, “Chakra Yoga” has become the cornerstone of her practice and her teachings. Brooke's Chakra Yoga applies specific therapeutic yogic tools of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), mantra (repetitive sounds), and meditations to specific issues and imbalances in our lives and, through regular practice, brings the body-mind-spirit into better health and harmonization. For years Brooke has developed and refined her own unique style of Chakra Yoga as a creative and experiential medium to inform and ignite others with a knowledge of and techniques to embody their “full-spectrum” selves.
Brooke has worked with doctors and leaders in the Integrative Mental Health field to develop “The Embodiment Program”, a mind-body protocol specifically for anxiety, Pervasive Developmental Disorder Spectrum, ADHD, and PTSD.
Brooke offers classes and workshops all over the US, private and semi-private sessions, retreats, teacher and practitioner training programs (Yoga CEUs available) in yoga and chakra education, yoga therapy techniques, energy activation and chakra balancing, as well as various vibrational healing/sound therapy modalities.

Brooke (aka Vox Lumina) is also a musician or “nada yogini”, and has been a practitioner of various forms of Sound Therapy for over 15 years. She works with the instruments of voice, percussion, guitar, tuning forks, and quartz crystal bowls and the aspects of rhythm, vibration, tone, and deep listening to activate a powerful and healing “music” from the harmonization of body, mind, and spirit. She offers private sound healing sessions as well as group sound healing experiences- sound baths and kirtans– and musical medicine making ceremonies.

You can find out more about Vox Lumina and listen to her kirtan "trance-chant" album, Music is Medicine on iTunes. Vox Lumina also sings the Song of Light, a beautiful musical mythical creation story of the natural world. You can listen to the Song of Light album on iTunes as well.

To find out more about Brooke Smokelin/ Vox Lumina please visit www.chakrayogahealing.com



Elise entered yoga teacher training in 2011, never actually expecting to become a teacher. A self-described “nerd,” she chose to attend training in order to deepen her meditation skills and learn more about the practice she
treasured (and for the excuse to read tons of books). The Universe had other plans, however, and once student-teaching began, Elise realized that she loved sharing knowledge just as much as practicing.

Not one to discriminate, she is influenced by and continues to study various methods such as Anusara,
Baptiste, Bikram, Iyengar, Restorative, Yin, and other forms of yoga (SUP!) in order to help every student find a
perfect complementary fit. A distance runner, and plant-based fitness enthusiast with interests in nutrition and meditation, she focuses on helping other athletes find their Satchidānanda, or personal bliss.



Hillary teaches Vinyasa Yoga that aims for an experience of vigor and ease on your mat. She has been studying yoga and mediation for 16 years, with over a 1,000 training hours with Baron Baptiste and the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute. Being steadfast in committing to your mat and the physical practice of yoga, is a means to growth in the ability to direct your mind, and harness your attention. This practice demonstrates the power the body has to bring us back to the present moment, again and again and again.



We each have a unique style of movement. Seeing people find their movement voice is the best part of Javier’s life. Javier’s regular class is called CommuniThai. In his class you will rest and receive Thai massage in a small group setting.

His personal practice spans 20 years of investigating movement through America, Mexico, Australia, Taiwan, and Thailand. Javier earned a Dean's Honors BFA in dance from Peck School of the Arts (2010), a 750 hour certificate in clinical massage with the President's Award from Soma Institute (2011), and a 260 hour certificate in both standard and therapeutic Thai massage from the Thailand Ministry of Public Health (2016).

Javier performed and collaborated as company member of The Seldoms (2010-15), Valentin Projects (2008-15), Wildspace Dance (2009-10), as guest artist with DanceworksMKE (2009) and collaborated with Eric Bradley (2007-09).

Javier is available for private sessions of general massage, sports massage, clinical massage, Nuad Boran (Thai energy work), Thai massage, private and group yoga classes, and a brand new treatment called Sengage.



I am Jenn Ferris-Glick (ERYT-200) Owner of ILLUME PITTSBURGH, and Co-Director of the Yoga Rebellion Yoga School.

I am a creator. I manifest anything that I envision - I believe whole-heartedly that ability is divinely inspired.

I have a keen sense of observation and see people exactly as they are. I see individuals at a soul level, and not necessarily for how they present themselves in the physical world.

Most of the time people do not realize that they are not living in misalignment until physical symptoms present - anxiety, heartache, illness, unexplainable pains, and the like.

I provide a safe space for a re-alignment of a persons behaviors and thoughts and who they are at their core. In a sense, I allow people to find their way back "hOMe" after long periods of time misaligning with external drives and ego instead of with their soul.

I help people access their body, mind and spirit - to find their way back to being authentically themselves. My approach is varied and customized to each person's need, desires, and abilities. In a session with me, you might experience meditation, yoga, reiki, energy medicine, art, writing, and life coaching, therapeutic techniques.

One thing I can guarantee, is that although the work is going to challenge you, you will find freedom, joy and abundance on the other side of our work together.

I will nurture your soul and teach you how to do the same for yourself.

I graduated from Seton Hill University with degrees in Art Therapy + Psychology. I completed graduate research work at Bucknell University in Experimental Psychology + Animal Behavior, and continued psychological research in Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning at Carnegie Mellon University until 2014.

I am a wife to Chad Glick, a mama to three human children; Olliver, Otto + Wolf, and three fur-babies; Jezeus, Durga (bullmatsiffs) and Matilda (a tortoise-shelled cat).

I am an Experienced Yoga Teacher (ERYT-200) and run a yoga school through ILLUME PITTSBURGH, a Yoga and Personal Integration Studio, where people come to heal from the inside out through scientifically supported therapies.

I am a Reiki Master, Certified Spirit Guide Coach, Energetic, Behavioral and Spiritual Guide.

I am a life coach.

I am an Akashic Records reader.

I am deeply immersed in the study of Yogic Philosophy, Jewish Mysticism and Sacred Geometry.

I love the Pittsburgh community and really love being a part of it's beautiful growth.



Kimee Massie (RYT-200) with Yoga Alliance through YogaFit, who teaches vinyasa yoga, which connects the movement with the breath, helping to “heal” the mental, emotional and physical body. Kimee is specially trained to teach Trauma-Healing Yoga, Chair Yoga (for those who have a difficult time getting up/down from the mat), Prenatal Yoga, and Kids Yoga. She is also the creator of BLACK YO)))GA®, which is [globaly recognized] yoga done to metal/drone music in a heavy meditative space, helping those who may battle depression, anxiety, alcoholism, drug addiction, trauma/PTSD, etc. She wholeheartedly believes in the power of yoga, and plans to share it with as many people as possible.



Kristie Lindbloom (MA, E-RYT500), holds a Masters of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Lesley University (Cambridge, MA) where she focused her research on Yoga Studies. Her classes are breath focused, empowering, and healing as she infuses them with a combination of academic knowledge and ancient yogic wisdom. Kristie is an adjunct professor at Point Park University where she teaches Yoga, Stage Movement, and Somatics. In addition to her Hatha and Therapeutic yoga training, Kristie holds a certification in Dynamic Pregnancy Prenatal Yoga™, and is trained in Highmark’s Discover Relaxation With I/II. Kristie has worked as an ambassador for ONE Whirl Yoga Festival since its inception in 2011. She has especially been honored to work with the Dr. Dean Ornish Program for Reducing Heart Disease as a Stress Management Specialist, UPMC's Integrative Oncology as a preferred provider, and as an instructor at Pittsburgh's branch of the American Heart Association.



Lauren found yoga after years of high school, collegiate and post-collegiate running began to take a toll on her body. She needed something to counter the effects of over-use injuries and help her focus her mind and calm her breath during races. She quickly fell in love and started a regular practice. Eventually, she wanted to give her practice back, so she enrolled in the 200 YTT at Bend Yoga. Her practice and classes integrate movement and stretches specific to runners and athletes but available to all practitioners. 



Leslie initially came to yoga wanting a physical practice but found so much more.  Her journey has involved stepping into a Vinyasa class and found that slowing down into a Hatha mindful practice was the perfect fit.  She has traveled nationally and internationally to different yoga retreats and other similar experiences to create a very spiritual and mindful practice. She finally completed her Yoga Teacher Training at Illume Pittsburgh in 2017-2018 for 200+ hours with Jennifer Ferris-Glick.  This experience was not only extraordinary but helped empower Leslie to find her voice in teaching yoga and meditation. She also provides other healing like Reiki and individual yoga/mental health therapy. Namaste.



Lisa Tannenbaum (RYT-200) discovered yoga in 2003. Drawn to the concept of connecting breath with movement, she eventually began the journey of finding the teacher within. Completing the 200-hour Yoga Alliance training with Donna Dyer in 2010, it allowed her to explore many different styles of yoga and come to realize how powerful and grounding the practice is in her day-to-day life.

Her practice has evolved substantially while participating in workshops with Tim Miller, Richard Freeman, Doug Keller, Baron Baptiste, Natasha Rizopoulos, and spending the summers learning and focusing on her practice in the mountains of Jackson Hole. Lisa’s classes focus on the beneficial application of yoga and she enjoys incorporating props to deepen and enhance the experience in the asanas.

Off the yoga mat, Lisa is a Human Resources Consultant, a wife, and a mom to 2 adventurous boys and her sweet puppy. Her other passions include paddle boarding, climbing, hiking and reading.



Liz Haunstein is a massage therapist, energy worker, reiki master/teacher, and yoga instructor. The foundation of her work was established through her training of massage therapy and working with the physical body. Next she added energetic work and began focusing on the spiritual and emotional aspects of healing.  When she found yoga, she realized that was the key to bind the body, mind, and spirit together. Liz has a well-rounded, intuitive, and integrative approach to healing within her individual client sessions. Whether the goal is to simply relax and restore, or to make some physical, mental, or emotional changes, Liz customizes her sessions to meet each individual’s needs.

At Illume, Liz is available for private sessions of massage, energy work, and yoga. She also provides Reiki attunements, various workshops, and helps to facilitate events.

For more about Liz, visit her website at www.LizHaunstein.com



Macland Ring (RYT-200, Reiki Lvl. II) believes that yoga without meditation is like dieting without exercise. His classes allow people to be present with themselves and their emotions. By setting a space that is open and accepting, he uses energy work and brings forth what is needed for all participants. Macland practices prayer, mindfulness and proper diet every day and thinks that the world tends to be much brighter as a result. He spends most of his time finding ways to be of service to the wonderful Pittsburgh community and honing his skills as a healer. Currently, he is in an initiation year in the ASM (American Shamanism Movement) where he hopes to hone his energy-working skills and further his capacity with which to offer help to clients. Macland also offers energetic clearings using a combination of Reiki, spiritual guidance, and specific energetic work of his own. 




In 2015 Michael opened Charity Fitness (now the Camp Horne Location of Exhale Pittsburgh), a mixed martial arts and boxing conditioning gym.

Through high school and college Michael studied Kickboxing at PKA Karate Academy with Don Garon, a founding Board Member for the Thai Boxing Association of the USA. Michael holds a certification to run mixed martial arts-style conditioning classes at Pittsburgh Fight Club under Eric Hibler (ex-UFC fighter) and at Academy of Martial Science under Hank Hanasik.



Rachael (RYT 200) teaches the type of class she would personally like to take: slower-paced, grounded, and playful with an emphasis on breathwork. She strives to create an environment that lets you slow down and check in with yourself in each moment, becoming aware of any habitual movements and thought patterns that could use some shifting. May we continue to shift, grow, learn, expand, and experience in our practice and in life. Rachael’s path of growth has led her to study under inspiring teachers such as JoAnne Vandenhengel and Brooke Smokelin. As a certified Chakra Activation Yoga teacher, the subtleties of the body excite and fuel her passion to continue learning and sharing her understanding of this vast practice with others.



Through his workshops, classes and individual sessions, Richard Gartner reaches 100 yogis a week in Pittsburgh and beyond. He fosters a non-dogmatic and compassionate attitude about students’ abilities and circumstances.

Richard’s style is paradoxically both unique and universal. His instructions allow for any student to approach the practice, embracing all levels of experience and ability. This allows for anybody to explore their own unique structure and make every practice their own.

This philosophy is carried over to Onward Facing Yoga, an app Richard released in September 2015.

The eleven sequences on Onward Facing Yoga playfully explore various aspects of yoga philosophy, anatomy and breathwork, at various levels of challenge. This results in a robust yoga curriculum that allows anybody to listen inward and choose a practice that’s right for them.

For teacher training programs looking to enhance their curriculum, Richard offers several modules. They include a 12-hour Yin Yoga module called ‘Guiding the Quiet Revolution’; a 15-hour study of the vertical fascial lines, using Tom Meyers’ ‘Anatomy Trains’ as a base; and a 12-hour Foundational Anatomy series that covers all the major joint and muscle functions.

Richard’s approach is influenced by his primary teacher, Tias Little. Tias developed Prajna Yoga, which means ‘the yoga of deep insight.’ Tias describes Prajna Yoga as a ‘style-less style’, where the yoga should fit the student and not the other way around.

For Richard, this ‘style-less style’ means a yoga practice should be vibrant, in-the-moment and multi-disciplinary. His teachings fuse traditional posture and breathwork with contemporary anatomy and bodywork. He draws from many forms of yoga, fascial release, mindfulness techniques, and common sense.



Stephanie Rago is a Certified Iyengar yoga teacher and yoga therapist (IAYT). She has been studying and teaching for more than 15 years. She was drawn to the attention to detail, theuraputics, and philosophy the Iyengar method offers. Stephanie wants to give the community a chance to experience the energy and joy that Iyengar Yoga gives to her. "What I learn, I share with others."



Summer Voelker set the goal to teach yoga in 2012. After experiencing so many benefits from a regular yoga practice, I am finally able to share the love with others in 2017. I received my 200-ryt through Jenn Ferris-Glick at Illume Pittsburgh (formerly Exhale Pittsburgh). My classes are based in alignment and breathwork with a healthy sprinkling of mindfulness. My goal is that you leave class feeling centered, connected, and energized.

The majority of my time is spent being a wife, mom to a little girl, pup and kitty, lover of nature, reading, cooking, cold plunging, hot sauna-ing, and exploring.

"Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience." -R.W. Emerson